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Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy Program

Berenstain Bears® School Visits


O Bee's Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program visits local elementary schools to teach students about money through the concepts of Save, Share, Spend, and Earn. With a common core compliant curriculum for grades K-2 this program is educational, fun, and includes:

  • A reading of The Berenstain Bears Visit the Credit Union (a jumbo sized book)
  • An activity that includes hand motions which reinforce the concepts of Save, Share, Spend and Earn.
  • A chance to meet Brother and Sister Bear in person and give them a high five!
  • An opportunity to ask questions of Brother and Sister Bear. A fun Bear Q&A!
  • A box filled with goodies to continue your students journey with Save, Share, Spend and Earn.

What Teachers Say

"So fun! The kids were engaged and thought it was the coolest thing to have the Bears come in and they all enjoyed the presentation."
- Emma, Kindergarten Teacher

"The presentation was really well done. The lesson moved at a pace that kept the attention of the students. They were interested in the topic and had some good questions about it. They enjoyed the presenter. She was very good at reading/telling the story, engaged the students with a game, and they loved the bear visit. The goodies were a hit too. It was perfect."
 - Karen, First Grade Teacher

"Thank you for coming in to our classroom. Your lesson fits in nicely with our second-grade standards of how money is used in a community."
- Cheryl, Second Grade Teacher

For more information or to arrange a school visit, email: bears@obee.com

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Virtual Classroom Visit

Berestain Bears Financial Literacy Program - Chloe reading for kids
When K-12 schools closed in 2020, we could no longer bring the Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program to classrooms for in-person visits. We worked with our creative team and modified the program to bring you this Virtual Classroom Visit. Enjoy!
      Studens hug the Berestain Bears at a school

Bear hugs and high fives! A visit from the Berenstain Bears® to your classroom is educational and fun. 

Berestain Bears Financial Literacy ProgramBEAR SIGHTINGS!

The Berenstain Bears are often out and about in the community. Learn about where you can meet Brother and Sister Bear.

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