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Meet Our Board


O Bee Credit Union’s Board of Directors is made up of nine volunteers who are responsible for setting the direction of the credit union and have ultimate control of its functions. These nine are member-owners. The Board of Directors serves without compensation. Any member in good standing is eligible and encouraged to serve on the Board. Credit union elections are based on a one-member, one-vote structure, and only members can be on the Board of Directors.  Directors are not required to make any investment in or have any deposits in the credit union beyond the minimum membership share balance. There are also two non-voting Associate Directors.

Jason Gordon, Board Chair

Jason Gordon, Board Chair at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Jason grew up in Thurston County and worked for the State of Washington in higher education agencies in the Accounting and IT fields. He served on the Lacey Planning Commission, and currently teaches a class that helps families build a strong financial legacy for future generations. He believes in the value of providing strong financial services which improve members’ lives. Jason graduated from The Evergreen State College earning a B.A. with an emphasis in Accounting and from Brandman University, where he completed a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. Jason and his wife, Beth, are blessed with two energetic boys.

Steve Blankenship

Steve Blankenship, board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Steve graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. He began his career at the Olympia Brewing Company as their Master Scheduler before taking a position with Tacoma Paper Board. After seven years in Tacoma, he worked with the California Paper Board in Santa Clara as their Plant Manager for 18 years. Steve currently works in Olympia for the Department of Corrections in their Risk Management Department.

Will Saunders Jr.

Will Saunders Jr., board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Will is an attorney with international business and regulatory experience. He has worked for the state of Washington on technology, regulation and transparency policy since 2005. Before coming to Olympia, Will was based in Russia working on projects for General Dynamics, Middlebury College and the International Finance Corporation. He also advises on cyber security and technology issues before the Board.

Ryan Bedford, Assoc.

Ryan Bedford, Assoc. board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Ryan is an attorney with experience in private practice and more than 20 years involvement in legislative affairs and public policy. Some of Ryan's most rewarding experiences in private practice and business development have been working with members of the community trying to develop practical steps to meet the needs of those around them, the essence of the credit union motto, "People helping people." Ryan and his wife, whose father was a long-time employee of the Olympia Brewery, enjoy investing in the lives of their family and others in the community through volunteering, mentoring, and collaboration.

Prabakaran Manoharan, 1st Chr

Prabakaran-Manoharan, board first chair at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Prabakaran has more than twenty years’ experience in software engineering. His work with the Board focuses on IT security, stability and customer satisfaction. He enjoys being a part of the O Bee Board, especially through community involvement, and looks forward to helping O Bee continue to grow by providing excellent value to its members. Prabakaran and his wife, Dr. Devi, are blessed with twins; a boy and a girl.

Diane Branson-Unwin

Diane Branson-Unwin, board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Diane has more than 34 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Before retiring, she was a finance executive with a concentration in the credit union environment. She brings leadership and strategic skills to her roll on the board, along with a strong desire to improve the lives of those in our community through her work with O Bee. Over the past 15 years, she has served on several community boards in both Thurston and Pierce County, from helping animals to shaping support for local business communities. She now enjoys spending time traveling and volunteering with organizations about which she is passionate. Diane has lived in Thurston County for 30 years.

Judith Weeks

Judith Weeks, board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Judith retired from Providence St. Peter Hospital after 35 years as the Histology Manager. She brings extensive managerial experience to the Board and a deep respect for the history of O Bee. Her father-in-law was employed by the brewery for 37 years and she has family members that have belonged to O Bee from the inception of the brewery. She is proud of her strong ties to the Olympia Brewery and is appreciative of O Bee’s role in preserving the Brewery history and the origins of the credit union.

Barry Murray, Assoc.

Barry grew up in Madison, WI, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Communications, emphasizing Public Speaking. His career has focused on the corporate restaurant industry. He has served on the corporate launch teams for new restaurants in Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. His experience includes that of lead Regional Trainer for all management trainees in the Northwest. He has managed multiple units for a large corporate restaurant company, including oversight of two full-service casino operations built from the ground up. Barry has lived in Olympia since 2001 and is the owner-liaison of a successful retail cannabis company in Thurston County. Barry and his wife Khristie have a blended family of four, three of whom are grown and in the workforce in Washington State. He and his wife enjoy sports immensely, including boating, and are avid college football fans.

Joy Johnston, 2nd Vice Chair

Joy Johnston, board second chair at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Joy Johnston has over 15 years of communications and marketing experience. As the former director of communications for both the City of Bothell and the City of Mercer Island, Joy reached out to diverse audiences to build effective relationships between citizens and their government as well as bolster the communities’ standing in the region. She launched Mojo Strategies in 2012 and has since worked with dozens of public and private sector organizations throughout the Puget Sound region. She is passionate about O Bee's rich history and commitment to community and happy to contribute talent and energy to ensure O Bee's strength into the future. Joy holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Michele Fisher

Michele Fisher, board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Michele has over 20 years’ experience in the high-tech industry where she has worked across corporate strategy, strategic planning, innovation, engineering, and marketing. In the corporate world, she has led global teams, developed strategies, and executed plans that have accelerated revenue and profit growth across global markets. Michele grew up in Thurston County, but currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She holds a master’s degree from Georgia Tech and bachelor’s degrees from Claremont McKenna College and Cal Poly Pomona. Outside of work, Michele and her husband enjoy traveling as well as outdoor activities such as hiking and boating.

Christy Kriegsman

Christy Kriegsman, board member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Christy owns a farm and manages residential and self-storage rentals. In the past she worked as a registered nurse. She previously served on the Board at Olympia's Nova School and earned a B.A. from the University of Alaska.

Meet Our Supervisory Committee

O Bee Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee is made up of five volunteers that are member-owners. They serve without compensation and eligibility requirements to serve on the Committee are the same as for the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Committee has three general goals: 

  1. Assure management’s financial reporting objectives have been met.
  2. Assure management’s practices and procedures safeguard members’ assets.
  3. Assure a fair and unbiased third-party audit of financial reporting.

Martha Prestin, Chair

Martha Prestin, Supervisory Committee Chair at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Martha, a certified public accountant, brings a strong financial background to her work as a volunteer at O Bee. She is Chief Financial Officer for the Chief Seattle Council Boy Scouts of America. Her great grandfather, Ted McGill, founded O Bee Credit Union while working in Bottlehouse “A” at the Olympia Brewery. Martha is proud of her strong family ties to the Credit Union and is honored to be part of a team that has helped to grow O Bee to where it is today and maintain its history in Tumwater and the surrounding areas.

Miriam L Bausch

Miriam L Bausch, Supervisory Committee member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Miriam is a dedicated volunteer at O Bee and has served in many roles on all Board Committees to enhance members' financial needs. Her service is inspired by the "People Helping People" motto of the credit union movement. Born, raised, and educated at nearby colleges in Olympia, she was employed for many years with the executive and legislative branches of state government. Along with her work on the Board, she pursues community involvement through volunteering.

Bruce Cramer

Bruce Cramer, Supervisory Committee member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Bruce served as the President of O Bee from 1986 to 2010, when he retired. He guided the credit union from a select employee group (SEG) membership model to an open charter membership, which made O Bee membership available to anyone living or working in Washington State. Experienced in all facets of credit union operations, Bruce currently volunteers at Tulip Credit Union.

Kari Summerour

Kari Summerour, Supervisory Committee member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

Kari is a certified public accountant and graduate of The Evergreen State College and South Puget Sound Community College. She is a long-time Olympia resident and has worked for local public accounting firms, providing tax and accounting services. Kari has also worked for the State of Washington, including time with the state Legislature, in higher education and as an auditor, examining state agency compliance with state and federal law. Most recently, Kari has managed external audits for state agencies. She lives in Olympia with her husband and bulldog and enjoys gardening and exploring all parts of our beautiful state.

Sonja Winkelman

Sonja Winkelman, Supervisory Committee member at OBee Credit Union in Olympia Washington

A proud member of O Bee Credit Union since 1977, Sonja has family ties to the Olympia Brewery. She has worked for the State of Washington in the Audit/Analyst/Investigator fields for more than 25 years. Sonja is passionate about the Credit Union and is proud to be a part of an organization that plays such an important role in the community, while helping members with their financial needs.

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