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Lone Star


The Lone Star Visa Card

Visa Classic or Visa Rewards Card

Apply for the Lone Star card and get more than just a good looking card. You can choose between our Visa Classic or Visa Rewards. No annual fee, low rates, and super benefits make the Lone Star Visa the smart choice.

O Bee was founded in the Olympia Brewery in 1955. Our history is forever linked to the Brewery which owned Lone Star beer for many years.




*Annual Percentage Rate Effective 12/27/22

10.40%+ APR*

Low Rate, Non-Variable


No Annual Fee
No Balance Transfer Fee
No Cash Advance Fee**
Fraud Detection
25-Day Grace Period on Purchases
Choose From Any Card Design

**Interest accrues immediately on all cash advances.

See Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure




*Annual Percentage Rate Effective 2/6/2023

11.25%+ APR*



No Annual Fee
No Balance Transfer Fee
No Cash Advance Fee**
Fraud Detection
25-Day Grace Period on Purchases
Reward Points That Won't Expire
Choose From Any Card Design

**Interest accrues immediately on all cash advances.

See Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure  

Rewards Program


With the ScoreCard™ Rewards Program, you get points every time you use your credit card for purchases. Earn one point for every dollar spent.+ Redeem points for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel offers through our ScoreCard™ Rewards Program. This card works double time.

  • Get 10,000 bonus reward points the first time you use your card for a purchase. Wow!
  • ScoreCard™ Rewards are good for merchandise and travel
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent (purchases only)+
  • Get instant fuel price rollback at the pump and save 50¢ per gallon, up to 20 gallons
  • Get merchandise with as little as 10,000 points
  • Earn one point for each $1 transferred from another financial institution's card (Applies only at inception of card)
  • Combine points with your Visa Debit Card too
  • Families can combine points for bigger rewards!
  • Choose ANY card design: Washington State, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Oly Gold, Rainier or Lone Star

 +Cash advances and ATM withdrawals do not earn any reward points.

More Visa Features & Benefits:

Low Minimum Payments: Your required minimum monthly payment is just 2.5% of your outstanding balance.

Dump Your Debt: Pay off high-interest credit cards from other financial institutions by transferring the balance to a low-interest O Bee Visa card. You get one point for each dollar transferred from a card at another institution. There is no balance transfer fee. Points for balance transfers apply only at inception of card.

Cash Advances: Any time you need cash—at home or while traveling—just stop by any bank, credit union or ATM displaying the Visa symbol and you can get the cash you need with a Visa cash advance. There is no fee for a cash advance. You also can use O Bee’s Mobile App or Online Banking to transfer a Visa cash advance to your savings or checking account.**

EMV Smart Chip Technology: Smart Chip Technology adds an additional layer of security when you use your credit card. Chip cards are more secure because they generate a unique code for each transaction. That code cannot be used again. This greatly reduces fraudulent activity on your card. Additionally, Smart Chip Technology allows you to upload your cards to your phone's Mobile Wallet for even more ease of use.

Card Controls: Card Controls allows you to block and unblock transactions on your Visa Credit Card or Visa Debit Card at any time, offering you additional security at your fingertips. When a card is blocked, no transactions are allowed, including purchases, cash advances, and even payments. Alternately, an unblocked card allows all transactions. Card Controls are conveniently located within the O Bee mobile app, so no need to download a separate app to manage your Visa cards.

Enhanced Fraud Monitoring
We provide enhanced fraud protection to safeguard your card account information against fraud and theft. Our Fraud Service Center monitors unusual activity to ensure your information remains safe and secure.

**Interest accrues immediately on all cash advances.

Choose Any Card Design
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