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Government Stimulus Check

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Updated March 12, 2021


Get Instant Notification on your Covid-19 Stimulus Check


Set-up Account Alerts on your O Bee account: Be alerted when funds have been deposited to your account. Set-up account alerts through O Bee online banking, and you will be automatically notified when the payment has been deposited into your account. 


Track Your Payment: Check your payment status with the IRS and learn more. Track your payment.


If you filed a 2019 or 2018 tax return and provided the IRS with your current mailing address or direct deposit information, then you won't have to do anything. If you are eligible to receive a second stimulus payment, the IRS will automatically deposit the money into the same account or mail you a check at the last address you provided. You can visit the IRS's website to update your information if your address or direct deposit details have changed. If you believe you will receive the check by mail and would prefer direct deposit, you can also provide your direct deposit information to have the funds electronically deposited into your account.


Direct Deposits to Your Checking Account (ACH): If you are eligible to receive a second stimulus payment, the IRS will automatically deposit the money into the same O Bee account. If your direct deposit details have changed, you can visit the IRS's website to update your information.

Paper Checks:
If you expect to receive your check by mail, you can deposit it and access your funds from the convenience of your home with the Mobile Deposit feature in the O Bee Mobile Banking app. Download the app for Apple or Android. You can deposit your check at the ATM, drive-thru or night deposit drop-box located at your local branch. You can also deposit your check in-person at your local branch; please visit our Locations page for hours and availability.

Overdrawn Account: If your checking account is overdrawn when your stimulus payment is deposited, funds will automatically cover your overdrawn balance. To avoid this, you may call us, and we can move the funds out of the overdrawn account to your savings for full use of your stimulus money.

Closed Account: O Bee could reopen your account to deposit your funds to get you to access immediately, but if you have a new checking account, we will attempt to post the deposit to your new account. Please note this is a manual process, and the funds may be returned to the IRS; we cannot guarantee to post to your new account. You will need to update your information with the IRS to avoid delays in receiving your stimulus payment. If your payment has been sent to a closed O Bee account, and you don't have another account with us, please contact us as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you within 24-48 hours of receiving your payment, we must return it to the IRS.

Charged off: O Bee will make exceptions as much as possible to assist those in our community.

Watch for scams: The IRS has issued warnings to watch out for scams relating to stimulus payments. Don't give out your personal or bank account information to anyone, even if they claim it's related to your economic impact payment. And don't click on links from email senders you don't recognize. Always go directly to the IRS website to get updates, and watch your mailbox for official correspondence.
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