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The Berenstain Bears Virtual Classroom Visit

Virtual Classroom Visit

Virtual Classroom Visit

Following the closure of K-12 schools in our state, we had to get creative about how we could continue to bring our Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program to students in our community. So, we worked with a team of talented individuals to bring you this Virtual Classroom Visit video. Even though it doesn’t include a surprise visit from Brother and Sister Bear, it is still educational and beary fun!

The Virtual Classroom Visit includes:
  • A book reading of The Berenstain Bears Visit the Credit Union 
  • An activity that includes hand motions which reinforce the concepts of Save, Share, Spend and Earn.
  • Access to activity pages and coloring pages to keep your students entertained and learning
The video is just over 12 minutes long. Feel free to stop the video during the game to interact with your students or you can just press play and let the good times roll. Enjoy!

For more information email: bears@obee.com

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A Little Fun

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