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Interest Rate Break

ScoreCard™ Rewards 


Get Free Hotels, Flights and Shopping

When you use your Visa Rewards Card you earn ScoreCard™ Reward points towards merchandise and travel. The ScoreCard™ Rewards site is full of things like hotel stays, flights, designer handbags, high-end cookware, electronics, excursions and more than we can list here. You can earn points with both your O Bee debit and credit cards, combine them with other family members and earn rewards faster. In order to combine your points with your family members’ please call us and we can do that for you. Your ScoreCard™ points do not expire.

We'll Track Your Points for You

You can see your total ScoreCard™ Reward points by logging into O Bee Online Banking and clicking on the ScoreCard Rewards tab. When you are ready to redeem, simply visit the ScoreCard Rewards website www.scorecardrewards.com or contact ScoreCard Rewards Headquarters at 1-800-854-0790.

Fuel Awards: 2000 points = 50¢ Off Per Gallon*

Now you can enjoy a real-time, instant fuel price rollback at the pump and save 50¢ per gallon (*up to 20 gallons), every time you fill up. Simply use your ScoreCard Rewards card at the beginning of your transaction at a participating gas station. If you have eligible points, you'll be prompted to use the fuel discount offer and redeem for big savings!

At the Gas Pump, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Swipe your ScoreCard Rewards card at the beginning of your transaction at a participating* gas station pump and if you have 2,000+ points, you'll be offered the opportunity to redeem points for $0.50 off per gallon - up to 20 gallons max!
  2. Your gas price will roll back at the pump to reflect the discounted price instantly. So you'll enjoy your discounted fuel purchase immediately, without having to use any coupons or submit any forms.


  • BP Driver Rewards - Link your BP Driver Rewards account to your rewards card to save more at the pump.
  • Fuel Rewards® program - Link your ScoreCard Rewards card to your Fuel Rewards® account to save even more at Shell.

To redeem your points or learn more call toll free at 800.854.0790 or visit the ScoreCard Rewards website.



*Only at participating gas stations. To locate a participating station near you, select the fuel brand in navigation, visit the station finder, and enter your zip code.
** Single use only, valid up to 20 gallons. Any unused rewards on each purchase are forfeited. May not be valid with other offers. Rewards are earned and redeemable at participating stations with operable electronic transaction networks. Terms and conditions apply, for full details view the Rules on ScoreCardRewards.com.

Improved Credit Scores May Give You a Break on Your Interest Rate

O Bee members who work to improve credit scores may be rewarded with a lower interest rate on their credit card at O Bee.

To recognize members making gains towards improving credit scores, we periodically look at credit history with an eye toward lowering their credit card annual percentage rate (APR).

When you pay your bills on time, pay off past debt, and keep a low balance on your credit card, you may earn a lower interest rate on your O Bee credit card (unless you're already getting our lowest rate). All these efforts are things that contribute to an improved credit score, and we take notice. 

We Succeed When You Succeed
As a member-owned cooperative, we exist to serve our members. We succeed when you succeed. We will aim to do all we can to help you along the way. What is your part? Continue to work towards healthy financial habits. If you have a qualifying credit card and meet our requirements, we'll lower your annual percentage rate (APR) automatically and send you a notification.
Understanding Your Credit Score
Your credit score is a 3-digit number that estimates how likely you are to pay back borrowed money and pay bills. Credit scores mean a lot. A good to excellent credit score (690 - 850) could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Credit scores are calculated from information about your credit accounts that are made available to credit reporting agencies. Securing low rates on mortgages, auto loans, and other financing largely depends on a good to excellent credit score. Building good credit is an essential step in your financial health. 

Learn more: Understanding Your Credit Score

Credit Cards

Our credit cards offer Rewards Points or Cash Back.

First Time Borrower

Looking for a first credit card or first auto loan? New borrowers have a choice of several options that will help you establish good credit.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Credit scores mean a lot. A good to excellent credit score could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.