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Meet the Managers

You may know our branch managers in a professional setting, but we want to share more about them and what makes them so awesome. For this series, we asked each manager what they love most about their job, their favorite beverage, what they do in their free time, and more. Many of our managers have been in the financial industry for years, working in different capacities, so they are incredibly knowledgeable in their field. They enjoy meeting community members each day. Now it is your turn to meet them! 

Jennifer T. - West Olympia

Starting off with our newest Branch Manager, Jennifer Teng! We recently welcomed Jennifer to our West Olympia branch, but she has worked in the banking industry for many years. Her drive for coaching and developing with her team members has made her a great leader! Fun facts about Jennifer: Jennifer is very social and spends her free time with family and friends. While beer is not her drink of choice, she loves local ciders. She was born and raised in Olympia, WA and is very active in the community. She loves attending the Young Professional Network and other events put on by the Thurston County Chamber. We are very thankful to have Jennifer on our O Bee crew!

Isaac H. - Fern Hill

Isaac has been an important member of the O Bee team since 2017. He is originally from the state of Montana and moved to Washington in 2016. Isaac loves working with his rock star team and enjoys the challenges that each day brings. Fun facts about Isaac: Isaac enjoys exploring the outdoors and socializing with friends. "When I'm not falling down a YouTube black hole I like to hike, camp, and game with friends." He is a fan of Great Notion Brewing and especially enjoys their sour beers. Isaac's favorite show is Dimension 20 and he highly recommends it! As he says, "If you watch it your inner nerd will thank you." Isaac is truly passionate about his career and is a great leader for his team. He is an active member of the community and so is his team. He enjoys community clean-up events and improving his hometown for the public to enjoy. Next time you stop by the Fern Hill branch make sure to say hi to Isaac!

Leonor A. - Tumwater

Leo started at O Bee in 2016 as an E-Services Representative and has continued to grow in her career over the years. She has worked at 6 of our 7 branches and is very knowledgeable in her field. Her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to build great relationships with people in the community. Fun facts about Leo: Leo is originally from California and moved to WA State right before starting at O Bee. Leo is bilingual and enjoys connecting with the Spanish speaking community. Leo's free time is spent outdoors camping, visiting the zoo with her family, and flying out to Disneyland. Fun fact about Leo is that she had the opportunity to perform at a show in Disneyland when she was younger. Leo's favorite local activities include attending concerts at outdoor venues, and supporting our farmers markets. We love having Leo on our team! She is always pushing her team to grow and evolve. Thank you for being a great leader, Leo!

Annie G. - Lacey

Annie is the branch manager at Lacey and has been with O Bee since 2018! She enjoys introducing people to financial well-being, growing relationships and helping with succession planning. "People are my passion, and I am so grateful that I get to help daily." Fun facts about Annie: In her free time, she enjoys visiting local parks and going to events with her kids. Annie's favorite beer is Olympia and though it was discontinued, she still enjoys the Olympia Artesian Vodka. Annie was born and raised in Lacey, WA. In fact, she purchased the home she grew up in and is raising her kids there! Annie spends a lot of time helping the community and she empowers her team to do the same. The lacey branch is part of the Adopt-A-Trail program and they have adopted Wonderwood park. "Wonderwood is my favorite Lacey Park, and it brings me joy to beautify it." - Annie We are glad to have you on the team!

Min K. - Tenino

Min Kaye has been a valued member of the O Bee team since 2021. She came to us with ample banking experience, eager to take on any challenge. Min's favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the people around her. Fun facts about Min: Min was born in Korea and speaks Korean fluently. Min was raised in a military family and experienced many different cultures and walks of life. She enjoys using her life experiences to help her members and community thrive. Min's drink of choice is a hoppy IPA or cider. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, making jewelry and hanging out with her pups. Min is active in her community and her local gym. She spends a lot of time at the gym where she has met new friends and joined group fitness classes. "It has become my sanctuary." - Min Thank you, Min for being a part of O Bee. We are lucky to have you on the team!

Cynthia P. - Point Ruston

We have a new Branch Manager at Ruston, but you may recognize her from the West Olympia branch! Please join us in welcoming Cynthia to the Ruston branch! Cynthia joined O Bee in 2019 and has been a valuable team member ever since. She is excellent at creating connections with our members and building lasting relationships. Cynthia loves getting to know members by name and making everyone feel welcome. Fun facts about Cynthia: Cynthia grew up in the Olympia area and briefly lived in Hawaii. After becoming a mom, Cynthia moved back to Olympia. She enjoys reading, backpacking, and visiting local parks with her kids in her free time. She loves exploring her community and finding new trails to walk. Growing up, Cynthia wanted to be a zoologist but life pointed her in another direction. Now she is working on having a small "zoo" of her own. Her hobby farm has chickens, dogs, guinea pigs, and more. She plans to add even more animals over time. Cynthia demonstrates kindness, leadership, and incredible knowledge in her field. We know she will be a great addition to the Ruston team.

Elizabeth X. - Yelm

Elizabeth, also known as Liz, started with O Bee in April of 2018. Liz is a great resource for all your financial needs. She is passionate about helping members and is known for going the extra mile to ensure a positive experience. Fun facts about Liz: Liz was born and raised in Yelm, WA and at 18 years old she moved to Olympia, WA. Liz has a big family and loves making memories with them. She isn't a fan of beer but does enjoy seltzers. Something you may not know about Liz is that she is an adrenalin junkie. Believe it or not, she used to street race! An interesting fact about Liz is that in 1997 she was in Bill Clinton's inauguration parade. Liz is very involved in the community. She enjoys local events and visiting the Train Park at Lacey Depot with her kids. Thank you, Liz for all your hard work at the Yelm Branch. We are happy to have you on the team!

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