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Public Funds Qualified Public Depositaries in Washington State

Public Funds Certificates of Deposit


Invest locally, grow securely, and foster your organization's fiscal health with us.

Qualified Public Depositary in Washington State

O Bee Credit Union offers Public Funds Certificates of Deposit (CDs) to municipalities and other public entities. 

Grow your funds securely and foster your organization's fiscal health with us. Investing within our local community not only promotes economic development but can also play a significant role in strengthening your organization's financial status. O Bee is proud to extend our services by offering Public Funds Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Our CDs are designed to empower your financial growth and stability while focusing on the benefits of local investment.


Advantages of O Bee's CDs:

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees: With our CDs, you can be free of any monthly service charges. We believe in facilitating your financial growth without hidden costs.
  • Negotiable Rates and Terms: Rates and terms are customizable, ensuring your investment strategy aligns perfectly with your expectations.
  • Fixed Interest Rate: Enjoy fixed interest rates throughout the term of your CD, providing you with predictable returns on your investment.

Why Open a CD with Us?
O Bee Credit Union's Public Funds Certificate of Deposit is a financial solution for your organization's unique needs. By choosing to deposit your money with us, you enable the reinvestment of your funds into our shared community, promoting progress and vitality.

Taking Control of Your Investments

We understand that different organizations may have different financial strategies. Therefore, our certificates can be set up to automatically renew or not. This offers you the power to make informed financial decisions in line with your tailored strategies.

Are you a municipality or other public entity required to have a collateralized account?

O Bee Credit Union Public Funds Certificate of Deposit can meet your needs. Collateralization is available for those CDs with balances which exceed the NCUAs insurance limits.

The Certificate of Deposit Owner must be a municipality or other public entity and is subject to approval for account collateralization protection at the sole discretion of O Bee Credit Union.

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