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Tenino Wooden Money

Our Tenino branch has always been unique. It’s was our first Pub Style Banking location, and now it is where you can get actual wooden money. The Tenino Area Chamber of Commerce has created the $20=$21 Tenino COVID-19 2021 Small Business Recovery Program to benefit area businesses, residents and visitors. Residents and visitors can present $20 in cash at our Tenino Branch and receive a $21 Wooden Scrip. The Scrip can be redeemed at Tenino area businesses for goods and services. Our Tenino Branch is one of the few local businesses where people can obtain the scrip. 

“During the Great Depression, the Tenino Chamber issued a similar wooden scrip to help support businesses. We’re taking a page from the history playbook to support our small businesses and give a benefit to our residents and visitors for their support of our community,” said Cheryl Pearce, Tenino Area Chamber President. The Chamber will issue a total of 2,021 $21 Wooden Scrip pieces. They will print them in batches of 500. The Scrip will expire on December 31, 2021. 

In 2020 the City of Tenino issued its own COVID-19 recovery grant program using Wooden Scrip and recently concluded the program with the last two remaining scrip pieces being requested by and sent to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. “The story of the City of Tenino issuing Wooden Scrip in 2020 was covered by many media outlets across the nation and world,” said the Mayor of Tenino, Wayne Fournier  “I think it is terrific that the Chamber is now taking the next step in our story in making Tenino World Famous once again by issuing the $21 Wooden Scrip program.” The $20=$21 Tenino wooden scrip will be available at our Tenino Branch while supplies last.

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