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10 Fuel Saving Tips

In September we seem to drive our cars more often. Children need chauffeuring to sports and after school activities; and the change in the weather has us opting to drive rather than walk or bike. If you’re driving more often, here are a few ideas on how to conserve gas and save money. Keep these 10 tips in mind next time you’re behind the wheel:
  1. Go lightly on the gas pedal
  2. Avoid pumping your brakes
  3. Avoid idling for long periods of time
  4. Empty the car and trunk of extra items
  5. Put items in the trunk instead of on your roof
  6. Drive 55 mph instead of 65 (you save 15%!)
  7. Limit use of your air conditioning
  8. Keep your tires properly inflated
  9. Use the lowest octane gas
  10. Avoid revving your engine

Want more savings?
You could save an incredible 50 cents per gallon (up to 20 gallons) with the O Bee Visa Rewards card at participating stations.* Here’s how it works: first you must have at least 2000 Rewards points to get the discount. Next, swipe your O Bee Visa Rewards card at the pump. If you have enough points, you’ll get a message on the gas pump screen asking if you want to use your points (it looks like this "2000pts=$0.50/g?"). Press YES, once your card is approved the price per gallon will be reduced. Select your fuel grade and begin fueling. Your receipt will show how much you saved per gallon. 

*Find a participating gas station HERE. Select the station finder in the top tab and add your zip code.

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