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Disney Dream with Cub Account

Dear O Bee,

Thank you for the Cub Account program. It has truly made a difference in the Luna family. Here is our story:

My daughter, Danella, wanted Chewbacca to come to her 4th birthday party. I told her Chewbacca had to stay in Disneyland.
“Let’s go to Disneyland!” said Danella.
“It costs a lot of money,” I replied, “We could save money to go to Disneyland. Instead of buying new toys or going out to get ice cream, we could save that money. We need $3,000.”
“Okay. Let’s do it!” Danella replied excitedly.

I saw the Berenstain Bears in the window of the Yelm O Bee Credit Union and learned about the Berenstain Bears Cub Accounts. Danella got her own account at the credit union! She was determined to go to Disneyland. She saved all of her birthday and Christmas money; and she saved any money that friends and family gave her. She earned an allowance and extra money too. Even I thought she would give up, but she didn’t. (It helped that she also got a coupon for free ice cream at Dairy Queen with each deposit.) We looked forward to her bank statements and teaching her she can earn money just by saving for her goal.

By her 5th birthday, Danella had $3,000. Our whole family went to Disneyland and met Chewbacca.
Now Danella is saving to go to Disneyworld to stay in the Star Wars hotel. Danella looks forward to each visit at O Bee Credit Union. The people are so nice. She likes reading the books, playing with toys and coloring during our visits. The coin-counting machine is another bonus.

Thank you, O Bee Team and partners for making financial literacy fun. I am so grateful my daughter and family are benefiting from having healthy money habits that can last a lifetime. 
S. Luna

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