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Mobile Wallet is Here

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Mobile Wallet is Here

Have you ever run to the store on a quick errand and realized you didn’t bring your wallet but you have your handy mobile phone in your back packet? What do you do? No longer do you have to run back home so you can pay for the gallon of milk, instead pay with your mobile phone! O Bee has adopted Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay for use with our debit and credit cards. Simply enroll via your device’s mobile wallet, authenticate yourself by calling the 800 number listed on the directions and once successfully authorized you can make secure payments at many leading retailers using your mobile device.
Quick Tips to Set Up Mobile Pay
  1. Simply enroll via your device’s mobile wallet.
  2. Authenticate yourself by calling the 800 number listed on the directions.
  3. When on the phone with an O Bee representative, be prepared for this question: “Can you please provide the last transaction that you made with your card?” (The transaction given must be within the last eight acceptable transactions/authorizations. Transactions/authorizations that are not acceptable are $0 authorizations, declined transactions and deposits/payments.)
  4. After the transaction is confirmed, the agent will check the phone number you’re calling from. If the phone number matches the mobile number on file, you’ll be authenticated and the token (credit or debit card) will be approved.
  5. If the phone number does not match, the agent will move one to the list of six questions specific to you and only you can answer.
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