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Mobile App: 5 Things We Love

Our mobile app offers speed and flexibility -- what's not to love?  Here are five of our favorite features:
  1. Mobile Deposit – Why come into a branch? Use the mobile app to deposit checks. Simply endorse the back with "For mobile deposit only to O Bee Credit Union," then use the mobile deposit feature to snap a picture and deposit the money into your O Bee checking or savings account. Pro Tip: If you’re using mobile deposit for the first time, there may be a 2-business day hold placed on some of the funds but the more you use the feature, you’ll see those holds no more.

  2. Memo – The new memo feature allows you to write a quick memo to remind yourself about a transaction. It's handy when you're reviewing your finances later in the month. (Why did I give Johnny $20? Oh right, he cleaned the gutters.)

  3. Apply for a Loan – Apply for a loan or credit card with our mobile app. It's easy. Once you’ve filled out the required information a loan officer or branch manager will contact you within 48 hours to let you know the status or if we need more information. 

  4. Messages – Text us! Do you have a question about your account? Send us a message directly through the app. We’ll respond as soon as possible to help!

  5. Card Controls – Can’t find your debit or credit card? Stay in control by using the mobile app to turn off your card. Once turned off, it's blocked from any activity while you look for it in your jean pockets or between the couch cushions. You can just as easily turn your card back on once you find it. If you believe you lost your card for good, you can do the following:
    • Lost Debit Card: You can go into any branch and have a new one printed instantly.
    • Lost Credit Card: call the Contact Center (360-943-0740) to have them issue you a new one. You can get a replacement card in as little as three days (rush fee’s may apply)   
Do your banking on the run -- or on the mountain! Just don’t use it while you’re driving.

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