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Stay at Home: Health & Wellness

Now is a great time to develop healthy habits and focus on your well-being. We've all heard that exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, in addition to meditation and journaling, can lead to significant health improvements. Here a few ideas to get started with healthy habits today.

Yoga – You can access free yoga videos on YouTube, Roku’s Yoga by channel, Vimeo and more. View a wide range of yoga videos from beginner to advanced. Try a night time yoga video before bed and you'll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Try one tonight!

Dance – Dancing is undercover exercise. It’s so much fun, you don’t even realize you’re getting a work out, too. Put your playlist on shuffle and turn your living room into a dance floor. Don’t worry, no one’s watching. Well, maybe your dog. 

Meditate – Just twenty minutes a day can boost your mood, increase your ability to handle stress, and improve self-control, according to the journal Medical News Today. The same journal cites a study that found that “meditation was effective at relieving symptoms of chronic pain.” Give it a try!

Read – We’ve all got books piling up on our nightstand or our bookshelf that we meant to read but just didn’t have the time. Well, now you do! Cuddle up with a hot cup of tea and that murder mystery you bought last year. Let us know how it ends. 

Write – Have you ever thought about writing your own murder mystery? Or how about a fantasy sci-fi novel? If you have kids or a partner, try writing a page each and see how the story comes together. If writing fan-fiction isn’t your thing, just start with writing daily in your journal or writing a letter to loved ones.

Exercise – Gyms are closed but if your gym has a mobile app, you’re in luck! Planet Fitness is one of those gyms and their mobile app is packed with easy to follow workout videos and live-streaming training sessions with a professional. Don’t have a gym, no worries there are tons of free mobile apps that offer workout vids. And of course, there’s always YouTube.

Spa Day – Show your cuticles some love and give yourself a manicure. A little clipping and filing go a long way. Plus, now’s the time to try out those funky colors you bought last year but didn’t feel comfortable wearing in public.

There you have it! Seven healthy habits for each day of the week. Create a healthy routine with your family to multiply the impact.

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