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DIY Costume Ideas

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Cheap Tricks: DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes can be expensive but we've got you covered with these money saving DIY Halloween costume ideas for babies, kids and adults!


  • Just Add a Hat - Viking hat, lion hat, or witch hat — simply add a hat to your baby then match with a color-coordinated sleeper.
  • Pig in A Blanket - Place a pig hat on your baby and wrap up in a pink blanket.
  • 60s Baby - Tie-dye a long sleeve onesie. Add a flower headband or tie-dye cap to finish off this flower power look.

Kids & Adults

  • Disney Tourist - Dig out that Mickey Mouse t-shirt and ears. Pair with jeans, cap and backpack or fanny pack.
  • A Bag of Jelly Beans - Get a clear trash bag and cut holes for arms and legs. Fill up the bag with different colored balloons for the jellybeans. Tie a trash bag under the arms with a ribbon.
  • Bubble Bath - Cut a hole in the bottom of an inflatable baby bathtub. Add white suspenders to hold up the bathtub and add white balloons as bubbles.
  • 101 Dalmatians - Everyone wears all white clothing, then add black felt spots, dog ears and painted whiskers.
  • Harry Potter – Get a black graduation gown from the thrift store and cut down to size, add round glasses with masking tap, striped scarf and mini broom or wand from the $1 store. 
Thanks to our friends at SignUpGenius for this brilliant article. 

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