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What Makes O Bee Credit Union Unique?

Credit Union MembershipO Bee Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial cooperative whose sole purpose is to provide primary financial services, assistance and information to its member-owners. The credit union provides a wide range of financial products and services for its member-owners. O Bee strives to offer the best value to its member-owners and if not able to give the best because of market conditions, regulatory constraint, adverse risk, or other considerations, will advise its member-owners to consider other programs including other financial institutions. Member Service is the top priority and the only priority. Our Mission Statement is: Service, Quality, and Commitment.

At O Bee, members are not customers, they are member-owners. Our nine member Board of Directors is elected from our membership and serves without compensation. Any member in good standing is eligible and encouraged to serve on the Board.Bank Of America

Enjoy the Money-Saving Benefits of Being a Member of O Bee Credit Union

O Bee Credit Union is made up of members-owners, not customers. That's what makes credit unions unique from other financial institutions. Each dollar you deposit or borrow benefits the other members of the credit union, not outside stockholders. That's why we are able to offer our services without a lot of fees and expenses. Your membership makes a difference.

How Do You Become a Member of O Bee Credit Union?

There are three ways you can be eligible for membership at O Bee:

  • You live, work, or worship within Washington State.
  • You are employed by an O Bee Select Employee Group. If you're not sure whether your company is an SEG, check with us.
  •  You are related to or reside at the same address as an existing member of O Bee.


Once you've determined your eligibility, all you need to do is fill out a membership application. Please stop by one of our locations to obtain a membership application, or apply online by clicking the link below:


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