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Lifestyle/Personal Loans



Personal/Lifestyle Loans To Fit Your Needs!

Better Than A bank

Looking for a personal loan but not sure where to start?  O Bee is now offering Lifestyle Loans. The right amount of money at the right time turns opportunities into reality, with simple and stress-free solutions. Borrow exactly what you need when it's needed, with the terms that fit your budget and your time frame.  The amount borrowed can be used for any reason.

Lifestyle/Personal Loan

Have a situation  (unexpected bill, vacation, etc.) that requires immediate cash? Apply for a Lifestyle/Personal loan and take control of the situation immediately!

Signature Loans

  • As low as (See current rates) APR* OAC** 
  • Repayment up to 60 mos.***


* APR = Annual Percentage Rate
** OAC = On Approved Credit
*** Based on financing and loan amount