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The Oly Gold 1% Cash Back Credit Card

One of the best 1% cash back credit cards in the country with no limits  and a full range of features:

Better Than a Bank

  • Low Variable Rate
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Membership Fee
  • No Participation Fee
  • 25-Day Grace Period On Purchases
  • No Transaction Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee

Oly Gold Visa  

As a Preferred Card Holder, you receive 1% cash back every time you use your credit card for most purchases. 

No Annual Fee

Our Oly Gold Card is one of the best cash back cards around!

True 25–Day Grace Period

Avoid finance charges on purchases by paying your account balance within 25 days. (Grace period does not apply to cash advances.)

Low Minimum Payments

Your required minimum monthly payment is just 2.5% of your outstanding balance.

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 Pay Off High–Interest Credit Cards

Get rid of high-interest credit cards by paying them off with the low-interest O Bee Credit Union Oly Gold Card and start saving today!  (Cash advances do not qualify for 1% cash back)

Cash Advances

Any time you need cash—at home or while traveling—just stop by any bank, credit union or ATM displaying the Visa symbol and you can get the cash you need with a Visa cash advance. You also can use O Bee’s TellerPhone or Homebanking to transfer a Visa cash advance to your savings or checking account.**

*Remember, there is no balance transfer fee!

**Interest accrues immediately on all cash advances and does not qualify for 1% cash back.

To Apply For A Card

Better Than a Bank

Must meet membership eligibility to apply

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