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Our Board of Directors

Credit Union Member OwnersOur members are not customers they are member-owners.

O Bee Credit union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial cooperative whose sole purpose is to provide primary financial services, assistance and information to its member-owners. O Bee strives to offer the best value to its member-owners and if not able to give the best because of market conditions, regulatory constraint, adverse risk, or other considerations, will advise its member-owners to consider other programs including other financial institutions. Member service is the top priority and the only priority.

Our Mission Statement is: Helping members achieve financial well-being through personalized SERVICE and QUALITY PRODUCTS guided by COMMITMENT to credit union values.

2014 Annual Report

O Bee 2014 Annual Report Click Here

You may ask, what is the difference between Credit Union board members and Bank board members?

If the majority of members are dissatisfied with the directors who set the policies of their Credit Union, they have the power to replace them.  Also, the Board of Directors are unpaid members who volunteer.

And with bank board members, who knows?  Board members and stockholders in a Bank are not required to be customers of that Bank, and voting rights depend on the number of shares individuals own. In addition, members of the board and stockholders are not required to use the institution’s products or services and earn income while serving on the board.

What does O Bee Credit Union’s Board of Directors look like?

Family_homeO Bee Credit Union is made up of nine Board of Directors. These nine are member-owners. The Board of Directors is elected from the membership and serves without compensation. Any member in good standing is eligible and encouraged to serve on the Board.  Directors are not required to make any investment in or have any deposits in the credit union beyond the minimum membership share balance.





Our Board of Directors:

Jerry Murphy, Chair
Steve Blankenship, 1st Vice Chair
Carolyn Caruso, 2nd Vice Chair 
Miriam L. Bausch
Phil Wayt
Jim Geer
Clifford Clark
Prabakaran Manoharan
Wilford Saunders 
Christy Kriegsman, Associate Director
Jay Mason, Associate Director

Steve Blankenship, Chair
Carolyn Caruso, 1st Vice Chair
Phil Wayt, 2nd Vice Chair
Miriam L. Bausch
Clifford Clark
Prabakaran Manoharan
Jay Mason
Jerry Murphy
Wilford Saunders 
Christy Kriegsman, Associate Director
Judith Weeks, Associate Director

Supervisory Committee:

Sonja Winkelman, Chair
Martha Prestin
Tina Crary
Bruce Cramer
Mary Failano

What does a Supervisory Committee do?

 The Supervisory Committee has two general goals: 
(a) Makes sure management’s financial reporting objectives have been met and
(b) Management practices and procedures safeguard members’ assets.

Credit union elections are based on a one-member, one-vote structure, and only members can be on the Board of Directors.