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Our History


Our History


O Bee has a rich history connected to the Olympia Brewery in Tumwater, WA.

In 1896 Leopold Schmidt, a German immigrant from Montana, founded Capital Brewing Company at Tumwater Falls in Tumwater, WA. In 1902, it became The Olympia Brewing Company and chose the slogan "It's the Water" to promote its flagship product, Olympia Beer. Originally "O Bee" stood for Olympia Beer. Eventually the 'r' was dropped so the company didn't have to be limited to just beer. In 1955, Ted McGill, a worker in Bottlehouse A, started a credit union for Olympia Brewery employees and families. He called it "O Bee Credit Union," the name stuck and history was made.

In the 60s and 70s Olympia Beer gained popularity and was featured in films with actors like Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson & Clint Eastwood. Throughout that time of growth and increased popularity, brewery employees continued to count on O Bee Credit Union for their financial well-being.

For a time, the Olympia brewery took over the brewing of other Pacific Northwest brands as their original breweries were closed one by one, including the Lucky Lager brewery in Vancouver, Washington, the Henry Weinhard's brewery in Portland, Oregon, and Rainier Beer, in Seattle.

Today, anyone living or working in Washington State can join O Bee Credit Union. We are proud of our rich history and unique capacity to meet the varied financial needs of our members. Through solid roots, dedication and continued hard work we continue to evolve into one of the most modern financial institutions in the country.

Welcome to O Bee. Financial Well Being Starts Here.