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Couple decides to call O Bee credit union in Olympia

Let's Talk

Real People are a Click Away

Our LIVE CHAT is available during business hours to help you with all banking services. Members who need assistance with anything from loans to online banking to Skip-A-Pay may talk to one of our support representatives through live chat or voice call and get answers quickly.

  • Save Time: It's a significantly shorter wait time to speak with a representative compared to phoning in.
  • Screen Sharing: We offer screen sharing (otherwise known as co-browsing) if you choose. This allows our team to be able to see your screen and understand your point of view. We will only be able to see the exact screen you’re working on – nothing more, and only with your permission. It will be like having an experienced co-pilot helping to guide you through the way.
  • Helpful Guidance: Applying for a loan often brings up questions you didn’t even know you had. The team at O Bee are highly accomplished and we’re used to answering all kinds of questions about our products.
  • Fast and Easy: Just click on the Chat Now button at the bottom of your screen and give it a try.

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Navigate to obee.com and click on the "Chat Now" button in the lower right corner of your screen.


Step 2

Choose your prefered mode of talking with us.

Step 3

One of our representatives will start the conversation. For example, if you choose "Chat," you can type your question right on the screen.


Step 4

Get live help through secure screen sharing (also known as co-browsing). Our representatives can answer your questions and guide you through the loan application process.