Here's What's Brewing at O Bee Credit Union
From James Collins, CEO
Brewfest Time

If it's August it is also time for our local Brewfests. First up is the OlyBrewfest on August 6th in Olympia. Two weeks later on August 20th, enjoy the Tumwater Artesian Brewfest at the golfcourse. Of course, O Bee will be there supporting both!

Speaking of events, make sure you you plan to come to JBLM for the airshow on August 27th and 28th! We'd also like to thank all of you who voted for Mount Rainier to receive a special award to help Search and Rescue operations in the park. Through a last minute surge, we were able to receive a partial grant to restore a building for SAR use! Read about the award and who else won.

What's New
Local Credit Union, Worldwide Acceptance

The problem with most cash back cards is that they have very high interest rates. The problem with low rate cards is that they don’t have cash back. Well, we’ve fixed that. Get a 4.99% APR rate on all new purchases for 12 months on your OlyGold AND 1% cash back!

Recipe of the Month
Time to Get Romantic

If you’re not an expert cook, Italian food is pretty forgiving and a bottle of wine can cover minor culinary mishaps. Try this easy and delicious recipe.

Managing your money
Tips on Paying off Your Student Debt

People say there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. Debt seems to be the strong contender for number three. Whether it’s a mortgage, credit card, or auto loan, most everyone experiences the burden of debt at some point. After I graduated from college, I found myself paying off my new degree for the next 15 years. I knew debt was a part of life, but, come on, 15 years is a long time!

“I knew debt was a part of life, but, come on, 15 years is a long time! After deciding 15 years was just too long, I started looking into ways to pay off my student loan sooner.”
Pink is the New Black
I must admit when our Famous Pink Debit came out I was beyond thrilled! All my fellow pink-loving people out there know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • I get more compliments on that pink debit card than anything I own in my closet. I am in love with all things fashion forward and these debit cards are it.
  • Currently, our Famous Pink card is the most popular debit card we offer, and first being our Oly Blue
  • Over 950 members are carrying the pink card in their wallets and I know exactly why. It is the most trend-setting card that we offer.
What's Happening

The summer brings ample opportunity for time with friends outside. Here are just a few suggestions for events around town:

  • Olympia Brewfest
  • Oregon Trail Days
  • Fort Lewis Fest
  • Artesian Brewfest
  • Books, Brownies & Beans

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