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Mobile Sign-Up

Step-By-Step Instructions

Mobile Banking is fast, easy and fits in the palm of your hand. Get the O Bee Mobile App and access your accounts 24/7 from almost anywhere. Our mobile app is free, easy and addictive (in a good way). Get started today.

Step 1

To use mobile banking you must have an Apple iphone or Android mobile phone. Use your phone to go to the App Store and download the O Bee Mobile Banking App


Step 2

Open the O Bee App, and tap the menu in the upper left corner (it looks like three stacked lines).

Step 3

Tap on "Enroll Here."

Step 4

Fill in the four required fields and tap "Enroll."


Step 5

Retrieve your verification code from your email (note: if you don't see it, check your spam folder).


Step 6

Fill in a unique username and password. Then tap "Register."


Step 7

You are now enrolled. You can go back to the app to sign in and begin mobile banking!