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Get 20,000 Bonus Rewards*

5,000 when you sign up for a Visa® Rewards Card
15,000 when you spend $1,500 by January  1, 2018

  • Simply use your Visa® Rewards Card for purchases at your favorite locations.
  • Spend $1,500 by January 1, 2018 and we’ll add an extra 15,000 Scorecard Rewards Points to your account.
  • Points don’t expire and there’s no limit to how many you can earn. You can use your Points towards merchandise, travel and experiences.
  • One point for each dollar transferred from another financial institution's card (Applies only at inception of card)
  • No participation fee
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • One bonus point earned per dollar (Purchases only)
  • Points can be combined with your VISA DEBIT CARD
  • Families can combine points for bigger rewards!
  • Great for first-time credit card holders

Rewards Points

As a Visa Rewards Card Holder, you receive a reward every time you use your credit card for purchases. Earn a point for each dollar spent and redeem points for brand-name merchandise and exciting travel offers.

No Annual Fee

Our Visa Rewards Card is one of the only no-fee rewards cards around!

True 25–Day Grace Period

Avoid finance charges on purchases by paying your statement balance within 25 days. (Grace period does not apply to cash advances.)

Low Minimum Payments

Your required minimum monthly payment is just 3% of your outstanding balance.

Pay Off High-Interest Credit Cards

Get rid of high-interest credit cards by paying them off with a low-interest O Bee Credit Union Visa Rewards cash advance. You get one point for each dollar transferred from a card at another institution. There is no balance transfer fee. (Applies only at inception of card.)

Cash Advances

Any time you need cash—at home or while traveling—just stop by any bank, credit union or ATM displaying the VISA symbol and you can get the cash you need with a Visa cash advance. You also can use O Bee’s Mobile App, Online Banking or Tellerphone to transfer a VISA cash advance to your savings or checking account.**
**Interest accrues immediately on all cash advances.

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Do What You Do -- We’ll Track Your Points For You

When you use your VISA Rewards Card you earn Scorecard Reward points towards merchandise and travel. Our rewards site is full of things like hotel stays, flights, designer handbags, high-end cookware, electronics, excursions and more than we can list here. Combine your Visa Debit and Visa Rewards points with other family members and earn rewards faster. In order to combine your points with your family members’ please call us and we can do that for you. Your scorecard points do not expire.

With your VISA Rewards Card, every $1.00 in purchases earns 1 point. Cash advances and ATM withdraws do not earn any points. 

Whether traveling, shopping or planning a special evening out, no other credit card gives you such exclusive privileges. From Scorecard Bonus Point Rewards to Concierge Service to $1,000,000 Travel Accident Insurance, your Visa Rewards card delivers for any occasion.

Scorecard Bonus Points

As a Visa Rewards cardholder, you receive Bonus Points every time you use your card for purchases. It’s that easy! Any qualified purchase – big or small – earns you Bonus Points that you can redeem for brand-name merchandise or fabulous travel awards, which include airline tickets, cruises and more. Your statement will keep track of your Bonus Point totals. When you are ready to redeem, simply visit the Scorecard Rewards website or contact ScoreCard Rewards Headquarters at 1-800-854-0790.

Concierge Service

Visa Rewards cardholders can enjoy privileges and conveniences like those found at fine hotels, right from your own home, office or travel destination. Access to all of these services is available from the convenience of a toll-fee line dedicated to Visa Rewards cardholders. Arranging a dinner, planning a golf outing or obtaining tickets to a special event is as close and easy as a phone call to 1-877-869-1099.

Travel Accident Insurance

When you use your Visa Rewards card to purchase your entire travel fare on a common carrier, you’re automatically covered with $1,000,000 of Travel Accident Insurance. See here for complete coverage details.

To redeem your points or learn more call toll free at 800.854.0790.

ScoreCard Rewards
Credit Card Agreement

*Offer subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply. Offer does not apply to balance transfers or cash advances. 5,000 points will be credited to your account within 30 days of account opening. In order to earn the extra 15,000 points, $1,500 must be spent using your Rewards Card by January 1, 2018. Points earned from $1,500 spending requirement will be credited to your account by January 22, 2018.



*Annual Percentage Rate Effective 7/17/17

7.75%+ APR*


See Account Disclosure for Details

Already Have a Card?

Get up to 15,000 Bonus Rewards Points when you already have a Visa® Rewards Card. Learn how.


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