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Avoid the Roller Coaster

Do the swings in the stock market have you concerned? Does it feel like a roller coaster ride lately? One way to ease your worry may be to invest in a Certificate (CD). Certificates grow at a fixed rate and earnings are not affected by changes in the financial markets. CDs also have fixed terms. That means you cannot remove your money until your set term is up, ranging typically from three months to five years. For example, our current 9-month Certificate with 2.02% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) will earn that rate for the entire term regardless of what the market does. Longer terms tend to have better rates than shorter ones. However, if you withdraw your money too early, you may be charged a penalty. It’s a predictable investment that is a good idea for those who have short-term savings goals, such as a large purchase or dream vacation. It’s also helpful to those prone to impulse spending -- keep that money growing without breaking into the piggy bank. Get off the roller coaster and invest in something that is sure to increase in value.

*Minimum balance $500

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