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Stories from our Dads

Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate all that dads bring to us. They give advice, they tell "dad jokes," and they embarrass us -- sometimes without even trying. Some dads are with us only in memory, and we honor those dads too. Take a break and enjoy these honest, touching, and funny stories from some of the dads on the O Bee Team. 

When my daughters were dating and their dates would arrive to pick them up, I made them pass a test: chop a cord of wood or you can’t date my daughter. Lee Wojnar

I always loved attending the Daddy-Daughter dances with my three little girls. They are not so little anymore, but I remember the dances fondly. My wife always did a great job dressing them up and picking beautiful corsages. One year I was so busy I had tunnel vision. My only focus was work and getting ready for the dance. Everywhere I went – to get a haircut, pick up dry cleaning, etc. – people would ask “getting ready for the big game?” I would just smile and say, “Nope, Daddy-Daughter dance.” When I got home, I asked my wife what everyone was talking about. Both she and my girls looked at me and said, “Dad, it’s the Super Bowl.” I am a huge sports fan so you can imagine my embarrassment when I realized I forgot all about “the big game.” It made me happy, though, that I was completely focused on that dance. You only get so many of those moments and they were special for me Mike Lindsay 

The oddest sensation is realizing you’re looking forward to the next season of a toddler’s TV show – I’m looking at you Daniel Tiger – if only so you don’t have to watch the previous season for the hundredth time.  And what’s the limit on reading such classics as The Pokey Little Puppy or Hop on Pop? I hope it’s less than 100…oh dear. – Bryan Lehnerz

Sometimes my daughters would tell their dates that I was in the witness protection program and I’ve got a bag of cement in the garage. Their reactions were priceless. Lee Wojnar

And a special share from one of our team members about her late father:

I had just gotten my own place and I found this killer deal on a giant chair. It was super comfy, clean, and everything a book worm would want. I picked up the couch on my way to my parent’s place to get the last of my things when as I’m talking to my mom, I look out the window and see my dad sitting in the chair in the back of my truck. The tailgate was up, which meant he had to climb into my truck to “test” the chair. About 20 minutes later, he comes in and says, “that’s a good chair.” I got a good chuckIe from it. I miss my dad and this memory will stay with me forever. – Nicki Darden

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