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3.00% APY CD Special

3.75% APY* CD Special

3.75% APY* 15-Month CD Special

During these times of uncertainty, a high-interest, fixed rate Certificate of Deposit (CD) could provide a safe haven from the turbulence. O Bee is offering this special CD to help you better plan for your future. Enjoy the security and open your CD today.  


Grow Your Money with a CD

O Bee Credit Union offers several secure options for your savings. One of our most popular savings products is our Certificate of Deposit. These accounts give your money a great chance at growth. Let’s take a closer look at how CD's work and why they might be the perfect choice for you.
What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
A CD is an insured savings product with a fixed dividend rate and a fixed maturity date. Rates tend to be higher than those of savings accounts. However, unlike a savings account, your money will be less accessible in a certificate. That means you will not be able to withdraw your funds before the maturity date without paying a penalty.
Is a CD for everyone?
Because CD funds are less accessible, this product is best suited for people who have a robust emergency fund and do not anticipate needing to access the funds in their CD until the maturity date.
If a CD sounds like the right choice for you, stop by O Bee Credit Union today to learn more.

Best In State


3.75% APY*

15-Month CD

*Annual Percentage Yield Effective 11/09/2022
See Account Disclosure for Details


*Annual Percentage Yield Effective 10/26/2022

2.75% APY*


6 Months

3.00% APY*


1 Year

1.76% APY*


5 Years

See Account Disclosure for Details

Access a PDF brochure outlining how the NCUA federally insures your money.


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